EVFastCharge.com For Sale for a Short Time

We are building out the EVFastCharge.com website but will consider serious offers (mid 5 figures) prior to completion/going live.

  • EVFastCharge.com is the shortest, most succinct, generic, root word domain that you can own containing the most used keywords across the internet related to an EV Fast Charge.
  • News articles, blogs, corporate press releases, charging station networks, EV charger manufacturers, etc. are all using the words Fast Charge, Fast charger, or Fast charging.
  •  We are accepting serious offers (mid 5 figures) for this domain to an end user who sees the incredible potential for this domain as we do. If not sold by the time we complete our website build we will be the  end user. 
  •  We are not domainers! We purchased several electric vehicle related domain websites including EVFastCharge.com, EVtires.com, EVtones.com and others in 2007 with the intention of building these websites/companies at the right time. 2020-2025 will see incredible, exponential growth in sales of Electric Vehicles and the build out of EV Fast Charge networks, EV Fast Charger sales, etc. 
  • When it’s gone it’s gone!! 

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