EV FAST CHARGE will get your Electric Vehicle charged fast and heading down the road in no time.

Fast Charging EV Electric Vehicles!

One of the biggest impediments to the adoption of the electric vehicle is the time to charge the EV battery. Fast Electric Vehicle charging is essential to the EV buyer. The electric vehicle owner will insist on being able to charge the EV fast and easy. Fast EV charging will become a must if the Electric Vehicle industry is to survive. People want a fast EV charge whether it is charging a Chevy Volt, charging a Nissan Leaf, charging a  ford focus EV, charging a Tesla or a charging station for any other electric vehicle.

You can use this site to inform people how to charge EV electric vehicles fast or where to find fast electric vehicle charging stations.

Below is an exert from a press release showing the emphasis on fast electric vehicle charging...

EuroGarages Sets up EV Charging Station for Olympic Travelers



As the 2012 Olympics get underway in London, ChargePoint services has been busy installing three new GE DuraStation EV charging stations at a EuroGarages outlet on Bath Road, near Heathrow Airport.

They were chosen for installation at the Bath Road location because it represents a fairly convenient stop for EVs between the airport itself and the Olympic Village.

These new charging stations are said to offer a fast charging facility that enables EV battery packs to be replenished in 3-4 hours, reducing charge time from 6-8 hours. 

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